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Missionary Formation

MISSION BRAZIL is also a MISSIONARY TRAINING program, a formative itinerary for young Brazilians 18 years and older, of which mission trips are part. This itinerary, led by Catholic professionals, consists of several activities, such as courses, training workshops, retreats, lectures, solidarity actions, and mission trips.

Inspired by the apostolic charism of the Christian Life Movement, MISSION BRAZIL focuses on the evangelizing spirit as a value to reach young people and capacitate them through apostolic action and formation, leading them to experience a sense of mission, service, and solidarity.



To participate in a MISSION BRAZIL mission trip is a remarkable experience. It is a rich source of faith deepening, for it offers countless opportunities to encounter God. Our young people witness great changes in their lives, creating authentic friendships and unforgettable memories, while developing solid values of Christian and social responsibility.

That is why MISSION BRAZIL decided to develop a Missionary Training Program, so we could bring together all these experiences and develop an individual and a group training program, the CORE TEAM Missionary TRAINING PROGRAM

What activities are part of the Mission Brazil CORE TEAM PROGRAM?

The Program starts with a meeting of 3 to 4 days after summer (July/August) mission trips of that year. It is the opening activity of the formation year, oriented to inspire the following months of the CORE TEAM program, until July of the next year.

The opening meeting is aimed at recapitulating and summarizing the experience (mind, heart, action) of the mission trips for each young leader.

These are moments dedicated to formation and sharing throughout the year, with virtual and face-to-face classes, with different formative themes and resonances of each member.

These training activities will be carried out by the MISSION BRAZIL training coordination and some invited professionals. Among the themes addressed at the meetings are the values of MISSION BRAZIL, such as solidarity service, Christian formation, the spirit of evangelization, sustainability, among others.

The special days are one-day meetings oriented to topics of greater relevance, which need larger spaces to be presented and assimilated, through dynamics, experiences, and workshops.

In the formation itinerary, the young person enrolled in the CORE TEAM Program will also participate in several LIVES with people from the Christian Life Movement International and other Catholic mission movements, from countries such as the United States, England, Latin American countries, among others.

They are the training in action par excellence. Mission trips are the most anticipated moments, when the idea of leaving your own space, the comfort zone, prevails. It is time to put into practice all the learning and knowledge acquired during the training.

The MISSION BRAZIL team will help each CORE TEAM group to implement different ways of raising funds, so the full amount needed for their training year will be collected, with the participation of all.

Every member of the CORE TEAM formation program will participate in various moments of prayer, such as masses and guided holy hours. They will have the possibility of personal dialogues with the training coordinator and other members of the MISSION BRAZIL staff, and dialogues with the priest and spiritual director of MISSION BRAZIL. CORE TEAM members will also receive discounts on courses from the CLM/CEC in Petrópolis.


Life changing experiences and friendships

Volunteer since 2015

Ester Gastaldo

“Since 2015 from the first contact with missionaries, I can say that I found the last piece of the puzzle that was missing. Being part of a group as a resident of Meio da Serra and as a volunteer is to know that you will never be alone on your journey. In addition to making new friendships, I was able to make progress in English and learn about other cultures. Everything I know about the English language I learned at MISSION BRAZIL from foreigners (American and British). I am very grateful to God for giving me this gift and for having put incredible people in my life. During the last MISSION BRAZIL in Caxambu, I particularly thought that I would go there to help people and teach good things, but in reality, I was taught, and in all this journey I learned how good it is do good. And concerning the missions, I have evolved a lot as a Christian and as a person. It’s not just about helping others, but also helping yourself.”

Manuela Bello

Volunteer since 2018


“Everything I lived in Meio da Serra transformed me, made my heart happier and
aroused a feeling of great gratitude in me! Gratitude for discovering and having had the opportunity to be part of this project and, in some way, to be able to bring everyone a little of God’s love!

This excerpt is from a text I wrote after my first experience with MISSION BRAZIL, and today, 3 years later, I can say that little has changed beyond my age. The gratitude that I have for saying yes to this opportunity is immense and the meaning that this project has in my life only increases. Today MISSION BRAZIL is the group of volunteers who became family, the stories that became longings and the experiences that made me who I am.”

Aline Almeida

Volunteer since 2017


“I started at MISSION BRAZIL in 2017 and have been part of it ever since. Working with MISSION BRAZIL was one of the best things that happened to me. I felt at home from the first moment and welcomed by a loving family. The work with the children and families is very gratifying, as they experience great joy merely with our presence and affection, and this means a lot to me. That is why I am very grateful to be part of a project as rewarding as MISSION BRAZIL”.

João Pedro Bechtlufft

Volunteer since 2018


“MISSION BRAZIL definitely changed my life, for nothing was the same after it. My heart found a place where there is joy, resilience, and a willingness to help, together with other people, other volunteers, who are now part of the family. It is a very friendly and welcoming environment, where there is a lot of joy involved in our activities.

Three years after participating for the first time at MISSION BRAZIL, I am almost a completely changed person, with new perspectives and even more willingness to help people, to make more people smile!”

Jack Kevin-Patrick

Jeannete Hanon

Fr. Ryan Service