we are mission brazil


MISSION BRAZIL is a service program of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) in Brazil. It is a set of short-term trips to Brazil, at any time of the year, where people from all over the world can experience a fully organized schedule of volunteer service, which also includes the experience of Brazilian culture and other countries.


To form and train young people in the Catholic missionary character.


Consolidate itself as a service of quality and a benchmark program that offers mission trips and training of young missionaries for the Church in Brazil and abroad.


Missionary Formation

This is the central value, which guides all others. All actions of MISSION BRAZIL are aimed at promoting an evangelical character in young people.

Spirit of Evangelization

MISSION BRAZIL participants share the spirit of audacity and parrhesia inherent to the Mission. It is a pioneering spirit, innovative and open to new challenges.


Guided by the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, MISSION BRAZIL fosters a deep sense of availability for the other, of human promotion, solidarity and reconciliation.


MISSION BRAZIL believes that the spirit of evangelization and service, and the training and formation, must always produce a sustainable impact. Sustainability for us is ecclesial, human, social, environmental and economic.