To form and train young people in the Catholic missionary character.


Consolidate itself as a service of quality and a benchmark program that offers mission trips and training of young missionaries for the Church in Brazil and abroad.


Missionary Formation

This is the central value, which guides all others. All actions of MISSION BRAZIL are aimed at promoting an evangelical character in young people.

Spirit of Evangelization

MISSION BRAZIL participants share the spirit of audacity and parrhesia inherent to the Mission. It is a pioneering spirit, innovative and open to new challenges.


Guided by the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, MISSION BRAZIL fosters a deep sense of availability for the other, of human promotion, solidarity and reconciliation.


MISSION BRAZIL believes that the spirit of evangelization and service, and the training and formation, must always produce a sustainable impact. Sustainability for us is ecclesial, human, social, environmental and economic.




Júlio, Andrea and Cankin are part of MISSION BRAZIL coordination team. They will work tirelessly to provide an amazing sustainable experience of mission and service to your group, while bringing in a deeply committed group of young catholic Brazilians to serve with you along the way.


Júlio Egrejas, 46 years old, Brazilian, lay Catholic, member of the Christian Life Movement (MVC). Graduated in Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), Julius has been working with young people for over 25 years. He has already participated in dozens of mission trips in various places around the world and, since 2017, he participates as General and Formation coordinator of MISSION BRAZIL.

Biblical Passage: John 11, 23-25


Brazilian, 51 years old, member of the Christian Life Movement (MVC). Graduated in social communication (Journalism, Marketing and Advertising from PUC in Rio de Janeiro), with more than 15 years of experience in tourism, Andrea lives in Petrópolis, after having spent two and a half years in Florida (USA). There she specialized in tourism and hotel management. Andrea has been actively working as the Missions and Communications coordinator for MISSION BRAZIL since 2017.

Biblical Passage: Psalm 136


Cankin MA, Ecuadorian, 30 years old, member of the Christian Life Movement (MVC), graduated in Theology from the Catholic University of Petrópolis. In recent years, Cankin has been training to be a priest. Over the past 15 years Cankin has worked on various MVC missions and formation programs and since 2017 he has actively participated as a Spirituality Assistant at MISSION BRAZIL.

Bible passage: Philippians 1:21


Brazilian, 33 years old, student of Technology in Management Processes, member of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) is an intern in the Administrative sector of MISSION BRAZIL since January 2022. Participated in the first Core Team training class, loves to read and write in her spare time. leisure. Her dream is to work on something that she likes and that makes her happy.

Biblical Passage: Matthew 6, 21


Brazilian, 18 years old, second-year Journalism student, began an internship in the Communications sector at MISSION BRAZIL in August 2022. She has lived in Petrópolis since she was born and has a hobby of drawing, reading and writing. She enjoys music and nature and her dream is to travel and see the world.

Biblical passage: John 8,2


Brazilian, 22 years old, Theology student, member of the Christian Life Movement (MVC) is an intern at the Missions department of MISSION BRAZIL since April 2022. He participated in the second Core Team training class, and intends to study Psychology in the future. He was born and lives in Petrópolis and his life dream is to be in perfect conformity with God’s will. His hobby is collecting, maintaining and refurbishing old cars. He loves outdoor activities like running and hiking in the mountains of the city.

Bible passage: Philippians 4:8


Our Core Team is a group of volunteers who actively collaborate on ongoing missions as leaders and participate in a biennial missionary formation program. It is a unique opportunity for young people to deepen their journey of faith and human formation through apostolic service and training, more committed to the values of the Church & mission.

Core Team Volunteer

Core Team Volunteer

Core Team Volunteer

Core Team Volunteer

Core Team Volunteer

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