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DESTINATIONS – Mission Brazil

Be part of a life changing experience


Come with us to these amazing destinations

Rio de Janeiro – Petrópolis

Being the “cidade maravilhosa” (marvelous city) Rio de Janeiro has always captured both Brazilians and foreigner’s imagination. With a symbiotic union of exotic nature and huge urban areas, Rio de Janeiro has been struggling with poverty for a long period of time. Christ the Redeemer, Sugar loaf Mountain, Copacabana beach are part of a vast list of nature and modern wonders. Our mission trips take place both in Rio and in the lovely city of Petropolis, a much smaller city, one hour away from Rio by car. Petrópolis is quieter than Rio and will offer you and your group an amazing experience of serving others.

São Paulo

Being the largest city in all of Latin America, São Paulo holds all the big attractions and challenges of a big city. Here you will have the chance to work with amazing people that offer poor children opportunities for a better and integral education, in the favelas of the city. One, two or more weeks of a profound interaction with children and their families, working alongside Brazilians, both the youth and adults.

The Amazon Forest

Most of the entire Amazon region and its tropical forest is inside Brazil’s territory. In this big country, the Amazon region has one of the highest rates of poverty and a large amount of its people live below the poverty line. The richness of its exotic and wild nature, contrasts with the immense challenges the Amazon region is facing nowadays. After crossing rivers and walking breathtaking trails, you will have the opportunity to serve Amazonian people in different villages.


No one would believe a city this small would bear such a huge Basilica like the one of Our Lady Aparecida. Over its 300 years, Brazilians have done a tremendous effort to honor our Holy Mother, and now the National Shrine is one of the largest in the world and has record numbers of visitors every year. Its beauty lies ultimately, however, in the faith of its people and the innumerous ways they express their devotion. The trekking path that will take you there crosses mountains, rivers, small and beautiful villages, and gives a real sense of what our lives were created to be: A pilgrimage.