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Here you can see what type of mission trips MISSION BRAZIL can offer you and your group

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MISSION BRAZIL offers a variety of mission and volunteer service experiences. Back in 2015, we began with just one model of mission trips, and today we are looking ahead to exploring new horizons. If you have an idea for a different mission trip, that is not described here, please let us know about your ideas, and share your creativity to serve and help others.


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This is a trip focused on announcing the Gospel to those in need. Through a variety of different means, such as house visiting, Bible circles, Mass, blessings of house and personal objects (a huge thing for Brazilian Christians), game playing, drama, music, sketches, and any other means our creativity may suggest, you will experience being an apostle, bringing joy, hope and concrete help to hundreds of children and their families. Volunteer interpreters will help you during the trip.

we give you the best of us

Medical Trip

This is a trip focused on bringing medical support, donations and services in poor areas, through partnerships with local medical clinics and their amazing staff. Through a variety of efforts and activities, such as medical educational conferences, free medical consultations and free health material handouts, you will have the opportunity to better understand 3rd world medical struggles and give your priceless contribution to the visited areas.


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This is a trip focused on providing learning experiences for as many children as possible, as well as their families. What kind of knowledge we are looking for? First,teaching the English language, for it most certainly opens children’s horizons and offers a growth of their skills and better opportunities for their future. MISSION BRAZIL is open to other subjects and skills sharing. Coming for just a couple of weeks, someone might ask about the impact of only a few days of teaching… our experience has shown that it’s very deep, for the TRIP will not only bring specifics topics, but raise aspirations, build bridges between countries and bring a huge incentive for life.

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This is a trip focused on the service of others, while creation serves as inspiration and motivation along the way. Exploring Brazil’s amazing and diverse landscapes, this trip will take you through awe-inspiring mountains, beaches, and, nature permitting, blue skies. This whole experience enhances the desire to learn and protect our planet, to improve local environments, to help and renew a commitment to serve and support Brazilian children and their families in poor communities.


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Work Improvement

With this trip you will get your hands dirty and your body tired, while your heart will be filled with a sense of purpose and service. In poor communities, we will paint walls, doors and windows, build stairways for better accessibility, create gardens and plant flowers, build playgrounds for children, repair broken roofs and damaged gutters, all for the good of those in need.

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It was in 1717 when a simple and damaged image transformed the faith of a nation, so that later Our Lady Aparecida was granted the title of Patroness of Brazil. Surrounded by an amazing history of faith, miracles and devotion, the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida receives millions of devoted pilgrims every year. MISSION BRAZIL will take you through a 15 days path of faith and natural wonders, created specifically to honor the Mother of Jesus Christ, Our Lady Aparecida.


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